What is a Duchenne smile?

Well before we get to how – I’m sure you’re wondering what a Duchenne smile is?!  I know I was, but upon learning of what a Duchenne smile is, the how made perfect sense!  It’s called the power of flowers.

A Duchenne smile is, considered by psychologists, to be the sole indicator of true enjoyment.  This smile is distinctive, with the mouth turning up, the cheeks lifting, and the eye sockets crinkling to create crow’s feet. It’s the smile most of us recognize as the most authentic expression of happiness.

So what can give us that much enjoyment in a single moment?!  I see it every time I deliver flowers.  The surprise and delight to start with, and then comes the swooning over these perfect specimens of nature.

Fresh floral arrangements and bouquets give more than one of our five senses pleasure. The fragrance of a flower is the perfume of nature. It is known that a fragrance can anchor a memory for life. The moment a flower delivery is made, the fragrance lingers in the air creating pure enjoyment like no other. To see and feel the beauty of the many different textures and shapes of these blooms is a breathtaking look at the delicate preciousness of our natural world. Different colours conjure up an array of emotions – it’s called colour therapy. There are also many blooms that can be dried and preserved as an everlasting reminder of a precious moment in time shared between the two of you.  This is something that I’m sure will make them smile again whenever they think of it.

Flowers also have a long-term positive effect on our mood.  Scientific study participants reported feeling less depressed, anxious and agitated after receiving flowers, demonstrating a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction.

Smiling is also very contagious, wouldn’t you say?  When you see someone smiling, you naturally feel positive emotions for that person.  So, I guess you could say its a win/win when giving a bouquet of blooms. Flowers for an occasion, or flowers for no occasion at all – every time you give a bouquet of flowers, is a moment of true happiness and connection for you both!