What to write on your Valentine’s Day Card

Writing a Valentine’s Day card is a very special way of letting your partner know just how very loved and appreciated they are to you.  Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with just the right words in just the right way.

Seeing as we have been writing Valentine’s Day cards for over 25 years now, we have heard quite a few and have collated them into what we think are some fabulous love notes.

If you want to be a little bit funny

‘I love you because you are almost exactly like me and I am the best!’

‘You are the woo to my hoo’

‘Valentine’s Day with you beats my best ever! (For the record, that was in grade 3 when a kid gave us all full-size Mars bars.)

If you want to be a little bit flirty

‘We can’t bring sexy back….because it never left.’

‘So fine, so mine!’

Crazy in love.  I blame you.’

If you want to be a little bit sensual

Your lips, your skin, your touch.  #HaveMercy!’

‘More please. More you. More me. More us.’

‘Vibin’ on the sweetness of you.’

If you want them to know just how loved and appreciated they are

‘Thank you for being here for us from the first to the last.’

‘You bring the realness and the rightness to this love.’

‘You make our life sweeter with your playful ways’.

If you just want them to know you love them endlessly

‘One day, we’ll be the cute old couple.’

‘The perfect place for us is together.’

‘You bring joy to my heart, beauty to my world and love to my life.’


There’s so many ways to say how you feel.  Take inspiration from the above then shout it from the rooftops.  They will never forget how you made them feel!