The health benefits of having besties!

Where would we be without our best friends? Our pal, our bestie, our partner in crime!   When we stop to recognise what a vital role they play in our overall well being, we cannot help but be grateful.

So let’s start there – gratitude.  One of the very best mood boosters there is. Doesn’t it make you smile just thinking about them and all the wonderful things you’ve done together?  Whether it’s reflecting on all the fun and laughter, or when they’ve really been there for us, holding our hand through the tough times, we feel truly blessed.  Both equally as important and something to be very, very thankful for.
Having a best friend boosts and strengthens strong emotional bonds.  We are social creatures, and going through life alone just isn’t what we’re supposed to do. We all want to feel as though we belong somewhere.  To feel safe, seen and loved is incredibly important to our emotional wellbeing. It’s knowing that you have a ‘2am friend’ – someone that you know will show up for you – whatever it is, whatever time it is.  These are the ties that bind us together, knowing we need not ever feel alone.
Being around our besties also has very real, very positive physical health benefits for us too. They have the capacity to increase important neurochemicals. When thinking about, talking to or being with them shifts us from negative to positive, there is a surge of feel-good chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin.  These famously happy hormones promote positive feelings like pleasure, happiness, and even love. These all contribute to the emotions of closeness, connection and happiness that come with gratitude. Who doesn’t love this feeling?!
I cannot tell you just how much I love and adore my bestie, and how she has enriched my life beyond measure, but I can tell you that I know it, and she knows it too.   It cannot be said enough, but on Best Friends Day 8th June, it most definitely should be!  Or perhaps shown with a small token of appreciation, that they’ll cherish and remember forever your kind words and special bond. Celebrating You and Sunshine are two that come to mind that are all about loving appreciation!