The #1 reason to send flowers for no reason at all – do you know what it is?

Someone told me once that they send flowers to their partner three times a year – Valentines Day, anniversary & birthday.  While all three of these occasions warrants a beautiful bouquet of stunning blooms, I couldn’t help but share why sending flowers for no reason at all is perhaps the best reason of all.

While big events in any relationship are synonymous with beautiful blooms and alluring fragrances, on these special occasions, one might all but expect a lovely gift to be coming their way.  A delivery of nature’s finest flowers conveying messages from the heart which nurture the bond between you both are commonplace on these significant days.

However, it’s the days that are ‘nothing special’ – the Tuesday afternoon or Thursday morning of our weeks that breeze past without a second thought, when we’re all busy thinking, doing and planning.   These are precisely the moments to ‘surprise and delight’.  There’ll be no warning, no wondering whether to expect something special.  They might even see the bouquet coming into the office and wonder who the lucky recipient or what the occasion is (not thinking for one second that it might be them).

The essence of joy and pleasure in our lives is in spontaneity delighting in the moment that is creating heartwarming and treasured memories.

The emotion of surprise is useful therapeutically as it can switch our brains into the positive connector emotions of trust, love and joy. These, in turn, will trigger the production of the all important happy hormones we hear so much about.

The surprise & delight factor need not be just for the romantics out there, in fact, I encourage it for all.  There are so many special people in our lives that we would want to show our love and appreciation to. Those that are truly unaware of just how special they are to us and all those around them that they shine their light upon.  Flowers communicate the intention to invest in a relationship, conveying a respect for fragility. Relationships can be as fragile as flowers and the care we give to them helps us remember the care that our relationships need.

Relationships of all types need nurturing to thrive.

So why wait- if not now, when?  I encourage you to surprise and delight someone special.  It does not need to be a grand gesture, but it can if you feel you want to.  It can be as simple as a few of their favourite blooms, that way they know you’ve shown interest in knowing what that flower is, but also, having that very warm feeling of a special emotional bond between you both that has just been formed.

Maya Angelou says it best…’people may forget what you said, or forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel’.