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How selflessness leads to happiness.

Acting selflessly has huge benefits for all parties involved and a ripple effect that is so rewarding.

Selfless acts are not only appreciated by the receiver, but the person acting without thought of reward, receives a wonderfully warm feeling that money just cannot buy.​

Here are three incredibly good reasons to do so.
-Selflessness improves relationships & forms bonding connections.
by showing someone you care about them above your own needs​, we show them that we are ultimately interested in their well being. This can only come from a place of love.  Every time we help someone, we share a positive bond that will be remembered.

-Selflessness can keep you healthy
science suggests that acts of selflessness triggers the feel good chemicals oxytocin and dopamine in the body which have many health benefits.

-​Selflessness gives us a new perspective & helps us remember to be grateful
helping someone in need reminds us that everyone (including ourselves) could use a helping hand once in a while. When we are feeling fortunate enough to be the giver of help, it dials up our own sense of gratitude and helps us perceive the world from a more positive perspective.

So how can we practice selflessness?
Any random act of kindness will do it.  Whether that’s a kind word or deed, listening intently (that’s a big one in our fast paced, distracted world!) or volunteering.  Donating your time, or money, to a cause you feel deeply about is a great way to get that feel good high going, for all involved.

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Whatever you choose to do, remembering the wonderful effects that it will have on you both, is reason enough to just do something…

They will never forget how you made them feel ?