How to care for your Peace Lily

Peace lilies or spathiphyllum lilies are perhaps one of our most popular living gifts.  Their striking white blooms and glossy dark leaves are a statement plant for any space.

Their name is a bit of a misnomer – the peace lily is not a true lily however when it comes to their care, peace, as in calm and tranquility is pretty much what you’ll be in for. These beauties are the perfect gift for a novice plant parent.

While peace lilies can be an outdoor plant, they truly do thrive in an indoor environment where the conditions are more controlled.

Peace lilies are a good choice for low-light spaces because they can thrive in shade or partial shade. They also tolerate fluorescent lights, so if you need a plant friend to liven up your desk at the office, peace lily is a good option.  It is always advised though to give plants a little sunlight every so often. All plants require light for photosynthesis, the process within a plant that converts light, oxygen and water into carbohydrates (energy). Plants require this energy in order to grow and bloom.

Plants are also of a huge health benefit to us, removing many toxins from indoor air including formaldehyde and ammonia.

As for the ideal temperature, they thrive in a consistent temperature which can be slightly on the warmer side.  Make sure though that they are not likely to be exposed to extreme changes in temperature, like a draughty area in the middle of winter. Placing it in direct sunlight in the heat of summer will likely burn the foliage too.

Peace lilies like to be watered a lot at once, but also need a chance to dry out afterward. The plant will droop a bit when thirsty, telling you when it needs a drink. If you pay attention to when it usually starts to sag, you can plan to water one day before it generally happens. Watering about once a week and spritzing leaves with water throughout the summer will help keep your peace lily hydrated. If your plant seems to completely droop, don’t give up — water and spritz and give it a chance to revive. If your water is chlorine-heavy, let a container of water stand overnight before watering the plant.

Peace lilies are mildly toxic to animals and humans, so keep away from small children and pets, and wash your hands after handling your plant as it produces crystals that can irritate skin.

These graceful plants are the perfect addition to any space and for so many different reasons.  Peace lilies are commonly gifted for bereavements with messages accompanying them expressing their dearly departed is now at peace.  They’re a beautifully stylish housewarming gift even for someone who has never been a plant parent before.  When potted into a designer bowl or ceramic, they make a very memorable birthday or anniversary gift.

Whatever the reason or season, the peace lily is the perfect gift to spruce up any space.