Happy Mother’s Day Mum! Thank you for…

We’re all eternally grateful for our mothers, that goes without saying, but perhaps it isn’t said enough!  With Mother’s Day fast approaching on Sunday 8th May, we thought we’d share a few tips on how to say thank you.

After you write ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ on her card, maybe the next should be ‘thank you’, but don’t leave it at that.  I’m sure there’s something that you really do want to thank her for, a reason for your gratitude that when put down in a card, is sure to be a sentimental keepsake for her.

Is it for something she’s done for you lately that made you feel supported and loved?  Perhaps you’ve recently become a parent yourself and are realising just how much she has done for you.  Maybe it’s for all the little things she’s taught you that you appreciate as an adult – her teaching you how to swim or how to cook. Maybe these were times spent together that you’ve got such fond memories of.  Maybe it was her showing you how to be a loving person, to say sorry, to be honest – these are traits I’m sure you’re a better person for learning.

Thank you can also be said in so many ways – in fact, five – they are love languages.  You can say it – this is ‘words of affirmation’, you can show it – this is ‘acts of service’ – maybe you could be the one to cook her dinner?!  ‘Quality time’ and ‘physical touch’ can be a giant bear hug and spending the day with her.  And then there’s ‘gift giving’ – one which we’re very well versed in.  Check out our Mother’s Day range and choose from one of the very many gorgeous gifts we have on offer.  From fresh flowers and living gifts to pamper hampers and sweet treats that will leave her in no doubt at all, how very special she is to you.

We wish all the mothers out there, a very special, very happy Mother’s Day!