Happy Birthday Cancerians, here’s your birth flower!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful Cancer friends!  Their birthday falls between 21st June and 22nd July.

What do we know about the loveable Cancer?!  They’re loyal, protective, intuitive and caring.

Cancers will do whatever it takes to help the ones they love, even turn their backs on their own beliefs or sense of judgment. Their strong ability to empathize with others is partly what makes the Cancer sign one of the most devoted in the zodiac. In addition to being loyal, Cancers are extraordinarily protective of loved ones. They deeply cherish family and close friends. Intuition is another key Cancer characteristic. Crabs tend to rely more on their intuition than on their practical or rational sense of judgment. Cancers are known for their kind and caring nature and are incredibly nurturing, an extension of their inherently emotional personality.

We know you’re thinking about them right now after reading everything about them above ?

So what flowers are the best gift for your beloved crab?  Their birth flower of course!

It’s the stunningly elegant, sophisticated charm of the white rose.  White roses signify peace, imagination, positivity, emotion, and purity.

From the simply sweet single bloom right through to the one or two dozen breathtakingly beautiful bouquet, your Cancer friend will absolutely adore your very thoughtful, very kind gesture.

Wishing you all many happy returns of your very special day.