What would you say to your bestie on Best Friends Day?

So what would you say to your bestie on Best Friends Day? This day celebrates that special person in your life you can always count on, in good times and bad, and truly, just by being with them, they make your world a better place. Best Friends Day is a great reason to stop for a moment and show how much you appreciate and cherish having them in your life.

Here’s what one of our beautiful keepsake books “Celebrating You (and the beautiful person you are)” has to say –

Here’s to you.  For your kind heart, your dazzling spirit, your generosity, your laugh, your glow.  It’s a celebration of the person you are.  Because you’re beautiful, inside and out.  Because you’re worth celebrating.

You have a radiance that’s all your own.

You add extraordinary to the everyday.

You have a kind and open heart.

You uplift others around you.

Your spirit comes through in everything you do.

You make time for the things that matter.

Your presence is a gift to the world.

You’re more than just a little brilliant.  Sometimes, you glow.

You are strong.  Even when you don’t feel that way.

You’re true to the best in others and the best in yourself.

You know when to create your own path.

You find adventure everywhere.

You set your mind to something and miracles happen.

Your bright future is already on its way.

You have a gift for seeing possibility in everything.

You make brave changes for the better.

You celebrate authenticity.

You listen to your heart, and the world thanks you for it.

You have an inner joy that spills out.

Your soul sparkles.

You throw open the doors of opportunity.

You’re a big part of what’s good and right in the world.

You’re loved for everything you are and all that you’re becoming.

You bloom with courage and grace.

You are an inspiration.

You are beautiful.


I’m sure any or all of those things would be a great way to start their day.  Give them the gift of knowing how special they are to you.

BFF’s – where would we be without them??